Beer-A-Rama : Social Media Alignment and Advertising

Beer-A-Rama is the client with whom we’ve shared our longest working relationship, dating back to 2010.    T-Bone Jones is the firm that performed the design and implementation of Beer-A-Rama’s business website.  We are retained as the Levittown PA-based beer distributor’s exclusive digital marketing agency and social media marketer/advertiser.

It is no secret that I worked as a manager for Beer-A-Rama for the better part of a decade when my career shifted away from corporate IT, and I was beginning to freelance.  So it is only natural that I spearheaded the online marketing strategy of my own employer!  

No single marketing channel can survive in a vacuum. All channels are linked to each other in some way. After all, the main goal for all marketing strategies is the same — to promote a product or service and generate leads. In the case of this already-successful 50+ year-in-business retailer, to drive traffic to their brick and mortar premises.

Social media serves as a great medium to distribute content. On the other hand, content marketing is an excellent way to educate and engage your target audience about your product.  Social Media and content marketing are interdependent.  This is why the alignment of all channels is vital.

Our strategy and process created an alignment of content and messaging between Beer-A-Rama’s Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / and UnTappd online presence.  

In rapid response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Beer-A-Rama turned to T-Bone Jones to implement and market its Online Ordering and Curbside Pickup program to facilitate safe purchasing with social distancing. 

Beer-A-Rama’s alignment of their online marketing content is paying dividends, as all customer inquiries funnel through a single medium.  This allows the store’s staff to be responsive, which is a critical factor in converting inquires into sales.