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    • November 09, 2022

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○ Use all available reporting tools to consistently develop targeted and results-driven
○ Implement and maintain a calendar of current and upcoming projects
○ Budget Management
■ Provide ROI and performance-based reporting when needed
■ See “Vendor Management” for more below
● Digital Marketing and Lead Generation
○ Content creation (organic, in-house, and outsourced)
○ Comprehensive “marketing funnel” target for all states of readiness in lead
generation and facilitate nurturing
○ Synergize marketing omni-channel to deliver current, seasonal, and periodic
■ Website
● Ensure that website is always properly maintained and SEO ready
○ adding and removing all department specials,
○ adding and removing home-page banners
○ landing pages, checking all landing pages on a regular basis
to ensure the accuracy, functionality and overall userability of
each page
○ Google analytics and performance audits
○ Compliance (TCPA and TIL, GLBA)
■ Social Media Mangement
● Facebook / Instagram / TikTok / Youtube
● manage an organisation’s online presence by developing a strategy,
producing good content, analyzing usage data, facilitating customer
service and managing projects and campaigns.
● Content creation and scheduling
● Create leads for BDC to engage with social media prospects into
Marketing Responsibilities Estimate – 20-25 Hours per week at $60 per hour
○ Digital Marketing and Lead Generation(Continued)
■ CRM Marketing
● Create re-engagement with unconverted sales leads to improve
overall ROI on advertising
○ Weekly CRM Email Blast
○ Weekly CRM Text Blast
○ Create and edit CRM response templates
■ Google Business Profile
● Create effective social media posts for Google Business Profile to
improve organic growth and lead generation
○ Customer photos, inventory, promotions
● Respond to all reviews, facilitate problem resolutions for complaints
■ Fellah Bintelli
● All activities as needed (website / google / social)
● Out-of-Home Marketing
○ Design and layout of flyers, diner placements, and various promotional items
○ Conduct, organize and execute in-store quarterly and monthly customer events /
charity events
○ Event coordination
Vendor Management
○ Facilitate and maintain relationships between your organization and
vendors/partners, negotiating contracts, creating standards for the vendors, and
finding the best available vendors.
■ Attend vendor meetings
■ Collect and process invoices from vendors, sponsorships, events
■ Provide ROI and performance-based reporting when needed
● Public Relations and Reputation Management
○ Collaborations with local businesses to establish a referral network
○ Create and submit press releases related
○ Proactively respond to Complaints with documentation for problem resolution
■ Social Media / Google
■ Better Business Bureau
■ Attorney Genera