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Dan Jones

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TB Jones LLC d/b/a Tbone Jones Solutions


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My Businesses and Ventures


Digital Marketing

Marketing Agency Near Me LLC

My web design and marketing company. At Marketing Agency Near Me, we use the web, social media, and integrations to boost your sales.


Apparel Brand

Tropic Shade Co.

Quality beachwear: Our focus is on ethical, sustainable, and socially responsible practices.


Real Estate

Wisps of Night Properties, LLC

Investment and rental properties. Invest with Wisps Of Night, and you’ve already WON.


Apparel Brand

Shut Up Karen LLC

Shut Up Karen is an e-commerce store that sells merchandise about the Karen meme. Our products are perfect for anyone who wants to show their love for the Karen meme or who just wants to have a good laugh.

Board Member


Morrisville Business Organization

We are a collective of passionate local business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals committed to promoting economic growth and advocating for the interests of our members.

Tech Advisor



We are a non-profit organization: to help individuals and families who are struggling to pay their rent or mortgage, and prevent homelessness. .

About Dan Jones

I am Dan Jones, born, raised, and returned to Levittown PA where I currently reside, I am passionate about empowering small businesses!

My professional career began in information technology, and through a series of changes, evolved into retail management and business development. Throughout the past decade, I embarked on a series of academic escapades, earning a combination of degree and professional certifications. The aggregate of my academic and professional experiences has allowed me to become effective at all aspects of business development for small organizations.

I am someone who understands the importance of skill, dedication, tenacity, and balance. As such, my personal life involves the same passion as my professional. I actively participate as a player and organizer of inline and ice hockey leagues. I maintain a regular gym and road cycling routine. When I am not active, I enjoy being with my family, my wife Brie, my dog T-Bone Jones, and cats OJ and Olive, and Pepper.

I love being a member of the 215 Mopar Car Club, follow the “Friends” page on Facebook to see what events are around!

Daniel Jones Levittown PA

Our mascot, T-Bone Jones, is the founder’s dog: Half Chihuahua, half Jack Russell Terrier, all heart.
He represents our brand and the small organizations that we do business with.
He has the guts to run with the big dogs, but instead of staying on the porch, he prances to his own beat.

Tbone Jones Solutions - Sir Tbone Jone

It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog